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ahahahaah SAME FEELINGS HERE. I ship him with Dave or Gamzee >u> and maybe Jade a lil bit. BUT NEVER VRISKA NO THAT IS VERY MUCH NOT AN OKAY RELATIONSHIP

Yesss Tav and Gamzee Jenn approves. You know I really wasn’t expecting to like Gamzee, but he just SO FUCKEN CHILL it’s infectious

Of course I haven’t gotten to where the trolls meet the kids yet so maybe my opinion will change (I think I ship Dave with everyone, including himself)

  1. rawrimamidget said: dave and himself is very much a real thing. dave is pretty damn shippable. >u> Tavros was my first homestuck cosplay, and Ayden was my Gamzee. wheelchairs are hella fun at cons.
  2. ponypedia said: Davecest. It’s what’s for dinner.
  3. angel-aubade said: Dave with Dave is best pairing. <3 Also it just delights me to no end seeing you liveblogging homestuck. Reminds me that I need to sit down and reread it since I never finished, but your posts are fantastic because I had similar reactions. XD
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