Lady Laguna

I actually really liked this episode. It reminded me of a lot of what I loved about the characters. Britta was more of her “live and let live” self and I don’t think she mentioned psychoanalysis once. (remember when her character was about more than wanting to be a psychiatrist?) I personally love how Troy assumed Abed would be upset about them fucking and was completely wrong. Though it is evidence they have grown apart somewhat. Anyway I can jive with Britta and Troy together if there is more interaction between them actually being understanding of one another, rather than the “bickering over Abed” that we’ve mostly seen thus far.

I do wish that Abed’s friend hadn’t been a total dickhead. It would definitely be nice for him to have gotten another friend on his own that wasn’t somehow bad for him. Though being able to make the distinction that his friend was no good on his own was a good indicator of growth. I was surprised to hear him use the word “neurotypical.” Aside from Jeff snidely telling Abed once that he had Asperger’s, have they ever outright said Abed was autistic?

I legit forgot that Annie and Jeff aren’t actually a couple. I was like “Of course she was mad you were flirting with that chick” until Annie was like “well I was pretending we were married lol.”

Also, I need more Shirley in my life.

  1. hemlocket said: I agree with all of this! I hope they keep Britta this way in future episodes. Hopefully she was maybe just being a little over eager about being back in school. And idk re: Abed. I don’t think it’s ever been explicitly said?
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    I really liked it too! And Troy and Britta were surprisingly good. When did this happen. Can it be I finally don’t hate...
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